Based in United Kingdom THE BRILLIANT GIFT SHOP is a Amazon UK Top 10000 seller trusted by 339 Amazon clients in UK, selling because 2016. Their I Love You in 120 Languages themed necklace line has turned out to be their very best seller, and more and more clients from all over the world are appreciating the craftsmanship and attempt set to design these bracelets. In 2015 Jerusalem Nano Bible received a nomination by The Guinness Book of World Records for ‘the tiniest bible in the world’. This beautiful metal jewelry tree exhibits bracelets top gifts for wife, bracelets, or rings in an accessible way. Among the Buddha pendants includes the Metta prayer, the meditation for unconditional love. Either the decorative metallic coating or the jewelry frame, or both, may be diamond cut, or otherwise textured and an enamel cover might be implemented, as well as a personalized decoration. Stars of David and crosses with the embedded Nano Bible costs anywhere between $90 and $150. To produce a ring, as an instance, molten metal is generally poured into a mould to form the ring.

To add various textures into the jewelry article 10, the surface of this solid body 12 may include diamond cutting. This sensational necklace comes packed in an exclusive luxury gift box, and has a magnifying glass to let you see every dazzling detail. U-Boutique is your Israel made marketplace which communicates the soul of Israel and at which unique handmade goods can be bought directly from the designer and artist. This sensitive jewelry may highlight your jewellery collection, as each bit encases a great significance in it. The layout exemplified within the necklace of each pearl part makes it a special alternative. The facade of this Goldplus Nano 1 comprises jewellery styles which range from seed pearls to a close set of Karaikudi diamonds together with Nakashi emboss draping the car. The GoldPlus Nano 2 is a tribute to goddess Lakshmi and can be decorated with Aipan motif from Uttarakhand.

By using breakthrough technologies, in an innovative sterile lab, Nano gold engraves miniature 24k gold graphics and captions on luxury stone. We are the first company in the world that has developed and patented in 2011 the production technology of new colored substance for the jewellery business, which we predict Nanogem & Nanocrystal®. The Jerusalem Nano Bible was the brainchild of this Israeli entrepreneur, Ami Bentov, who partnered with TowerJazz to create the final product. TowerJazz Semiconductor, an Israeli company, has developed the nanotechnology to copy the Bible in its entirety into tiny chips. In 2009, researchers at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) developed a nano Old Testament the size of a grain of sand. All of Nano Jewelry is intricately inscribed in 24K gold, crafted onto a nearly microscopic amount and coated to decorate and cherish! Wearing a Nano Bible Pendant lets me keep the words of my religion close to my own heart.

In accordance with a additional embodiment of the invention, the jewellery is made from a gold metal with a wall thickness of less than 1.5 thousands of an inch with non-metallic support in the kind of resin or epoxy or so on under and supporting the gold alloy which is formed in the form of jewelry. Have a browse and you will see that from entire bible chapters to graphic depictions of a number of those we most revere, have been printed in high resolution on the assortment of stone. Description: Handmade necklace created with a chip out of my previous ipod cured in resin.

Is a cross-sectional view of the jewelry article with regard to the preferred embodiment of this invention. She’s probably never known anything aside from the simplest dryers, which is why she will love when you introduce her to the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer. Every Nano bead is provided with a personalized magnifier that will help you and others enjoy that the wording developed superbly with silver. A crystal clear layer of synthetic material could be applied over the decorative metal coating in thickness from 1.0 mm-1.5 mm within a range of ┬▒20%. The certificate guarantees the authenticity of your Jerusalem Nano Bible and files that the utmost caution was utilized to manage the Bible and also to ensure it is preservation.

The manufacturers have selected silicon wafer as the substrate for Jerusalem Nano Bible. They have made a set that speaks to the heart of uniqueness perfect for those you love the most; whether it be a present for a significant partner, dear mother, affectionate sister, or devoted friend. The Bible is a holy text that, to many individuals, preaches a message of love, peace, and service, among many other virtues.