What to pack for a weekend getaway?


Getaway and escaping is a fairy tale feeling – even if for a weekend. But it’s likely to get carried away while packing for a short weekend trip and pack endless clothes which might not even be used. While the most awaited weekend is here and you’re ready to hit the lost streets away from the chaos, have you crosschecked your packing list? Make sure you stuff your bag with these must-haves so it won’t hold you back from an adventure.


First things first, you are going to crave an ultra comfy pair of travel pants on the journey. So, pack a couple of not only comfortable but also stylish pants that can also be your pajamas for the weekend. you will pack a lot of stylish, fancy outfits and dresses for the adventure, but what will you wear at night in the hotel room? Indeed, not a pair of jeans! A Denim Jogger with basic loose t-shirt would do good. Along with it, bring the classic bottoms to be worn with sneakers and boyish T-shirts. For the lady-like, to top it up with a beautiful top and a sleek pair of heels. Add a cute skirt to your list that goes well with a one-piece swimsuit to highlight the look, which reminds me of-

A Swim Suit

A one-piece swimsuit is one of the sneakiest double-duty apparel that you can wear in the pool or beachside(very obvious), but it can be worn as a skin fit bodysuit under a skirt or jeans to enhance the outfit. In case you aren’t going to spend time on the beach, it won’t cause any harm to have one handy. Your hotel might have a relaxing jacuzzi or a hot tub! Throw in pops of bright colour or brilliant hues to your swimwear.

A Chambray Shirt

Layer this shirt over your swimwear or under a jacket or just wear it for the sake, you’ll slay the look! There are different options to wear a chambray shirt, and they look fashionable, fresh and sexy at the same time. If you forget to carry one, you can hop on to your boyfriend’s backpack and draw one out of it. The limitless styling options make chambray shirt a must-have for the weekend getaway.


We always make sure to carry a camisole on every trip. Pack a fancy camisole that can work as a top if you fall short of outfits. You can pair it with jeans and a casual jacket with minimum jewellery. Sometimes, your undergarments can rescue you from a nothing-to-wear situation!

A light jacket

Weather is the most deceiving enemy of weekends. NO doubt you might have checked ample times before you left, you never really know when the weather changes. A relaxed denim jacket will keep you warm on the beach or outdoor cocktails. To make it look edgy and versatile, you can carry a leather jacket that goes well with your evening look as well as the day. You can also wear a jacket on the way to save room in your backpacks.


Shoes are the ultimate travel essentials. I mean, you cannot walk around barefoot or in a pair of slip-on on your trip. On the weekend, all you need is a casual sneaker to walk comfortably all around the day. Pack sneakers you can easily slip on and off while travelling. You can always carry a pair of heels if you plan a weekend with your boo and they secretly have a dinner date planned!


Accessories are more accessible to load as they take up less space and are easy to pack. The most important to carry on a weekend getaway is a perfect bold pair of sunglasses. Buy the most trendy pair with some discount coupons from dealvoucherz.com and slay the weekend look. Carry a multipurpose light scarf to upgrade your outfit. It will keep you warm work as a shawl, or a pillow! Other than that, the most essential yet forgettable item, socks, that you’d end up wishing you had brought. Accessories do take limited space but don’t fill them beyond need. Keep your make-up and jewellery items concise enough for a weekend, neither less nor more.

A Weekender Bag

Your packing list is marked and ready but here’s what you’ll need in the end. An easy to toss weekender bag or a tote bag to carry all your must-haves during the trip. Dealvoucherz has a lot of coupons on travel bags. Check if you can find your favourite at the desirable discount. Get a sophisticated yet straightforward looking bag to sling over the shoulder and roam around boss-like!

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